There are many milestones that your little one will go through in the first year of their lives. Some of these you will be excited about and others you will want to hold off on as long as possible. One of the milestones that they will go through as they start to grow is the transition from sleeping in the bassinet to the cot.

Why Transition From Bassinet To The Cot ?

The main reason that a baby transitions from the bassinet to the cot is due to them growing too large to continue sleeping in the bassinet. When this time comes, it can be difficult for both your baby and you. Your baby has been sleeping in this one bed for a number of months now and it can cause disruptions to their sleep once they have to get use to sleeping in a different bed. It can be difficult for you as a parent because it is an indication that your baby is growing up and this can be sometimes hard to swallow.

To help make the transition a little bit easier on everyone involved we have put together a list of tips that have helped us in the past.

Take it Slow

Your baby has become accustom to sleeping in their bassinet so it can take some time for them to get use to their new surroundings. Take it slow with the transition and start with a nap during the day in the cot and then all of their day naps before starting the nights in there. By moving them gradually to the cot it means that the transition should go a bit smoother. There will be some instances where they may not resettle back into the cot after waking up however by doing it sleep by sleep it should help make this happen less often.

Use The Same Room  

If you have had the bassinet set up in your bedroom from birth, start with the cot being moved into the same room. Or if they started off in their own bedroom, keep them in there. By keeping the surroundings the same it will help your baby to feel more comfortable and secure making the transition a little bit easier on all of you. Another option with the surroundings is by putting the bassinet in the cot to begin with. This means that they are still within their small comfy space of the bassinet to start with before coming out of it straight into the cot. Only do this if it is safe to do so, you can find safe sleep guidelines here.

Wait Until You Are Ready

There is no exact time that you need to move your baby into the cot. Some parents will start their babies in a cot from the start whilst others will use the bassinet as long as they can. One of the main concerns parents have when it comes to moving their baby into a cot is that they personally are not ready for the change.

It is a big milestone, your baby is getting big enough to go into the cot which means they are getting older and some parents may struggle with this realisation. So if your baby has not gotten too big for their bassinet yet, you have time to wait and wait as long as you need to.  If you are ready for the transition and feeling confident about it then it will help the transition to be smoother on everyone involved.

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Don’t Stress

The last thing you need is to add to the amount of stress that you already have as a new parent. When you do decide to make the transition to a cot, don’t stress yourself out or have too high of expectations for how it is going to go. There will be times when your baby is not happy and it is not a fault of yours. Blaming yourself for your baby not wanting to sleep in their new cot will not help anyone and will only make it harder on you.

Take your time with the transition and make it a milestone that you are excited about and comfortable in doing. Being a parent can be difficult and making changes to the routine can be disruptive. Just remember you are doing an amazing job and this is something you will be able to do successfully with time and patience, there is no set deadline and every family is different. 

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