This will not be another fear written post, this will be a simple guideline to help you manage home-schooling with your children during the outbreak of the COVID-19 with a bit of humour thrown in. As a mother or 4 children, 2 school aged and 2 in childcare, home-schooling is not exactly my idea of a picnic. I have a child who is immunocompromised so I have had to prepare but I will be doing home-schooling in a way that works for me and my family. 

If Anyone Is Sick That’s Priority #1

I know right now with all that’s going on in the media it can seem scary, overwhelming and stressful. Face it, children are clingy, snotty nosed, demon possessed when they are sick with the common cold I can only imagine the daily exorcism I would need to perform to get through 14 days of self quarantine with the coronavirus. Then, you are expected to throw a bunch of school work in on top of that, which let’s face it nobody wants to work or go to school when they’re sick. On the bright side your children may be blessed and not get sick all. It could just be you and your husband ( insert cry for help if hubby gets sick) you think man flu is bad god knows how they’d be with coronavirus. Basically, if you, hubby or one of the kids are sick, home-schooling can wait. 

Keep It Simple While Home-Schooling

As a busy mum I try to keep things as simple as I can. You do not need to complete 6 hours of school work every day. Be practical, your children won’t sit there that long when they are home with their toys, games and other fun activities they like to do. So keep it simple to keep them engaged and you will be less frustrated. I recommend a time limit per age group. This is just a guideline you can do as little as you want or as long as you want but this is simply my guideline on what I work with and will work with if and when schools close or we need to self quarantine.

3 to 5 years – 1.5 hours a day.

  • Basic sight works
  • Home reader
  • Arts and craft ( great for fine motor skills and creative development )

6 to 8 years – 2 hours a day

  • Sight words

  • Mathematical Tables

  • Reading ( remember to keep reading )

  • Arts and craft

8 to 11 years – 2.5 hours

  • Reading ( take the book they are reading and get them to do a small report this will help them under the story. Talk about things in the boy, the story line, characters, how they feel about the book and also what they interrupt the story to be)

  • Maths

  • Science

12 to 18 year of age – 3 hours a day

I would follow on with what they are learning at school, being the start of the year most high school children are working on some sort of assignment so I would continue them to work with what they are doing.

Other Ways To Learn While Home-Schooling  

If you feel sitting down with your children may not help, my other suggestions so they are still learning the fundamentals of their education are:

  • Baking. The measurements help with basic maths and fractions. Get them to measure all the ingredients out. This is not only educational but they are developing life skills as well.
  • Sensory play, rainbow noodles, cloud-doh, rainbow rice with hidden treasures ( cars, dinosaurs whatever your child is interested in)
  • Shaving cream paints, just add food dye to shaving cream and give them cotton tips to paint with. This will get the creative side of them flowing
  • Documentaries are always a win in my house, we will pick something and all watch it together. This is great if someone is unwell as your children are still learning at the same time as resting.

I am by no means a super-mum, if anything I am a, do the minimum I can, kind of mum. I have a 2 year old daughter, 4 year old son, 11 year old special needs son with more medical conditions than I have wine bottles in my house. A 12 year old with attitude bigger than the coronavirus and a shift worker husband who I love dearly but lets face it some days I could smother him with a pillow as I whisper I love you in his ear. My days can be filled with endless tears and tantrums as most mothers understand.

So to make this whole process easier on you, take my advice and keep it simple. Keep it fun, remember that kids don’t learn everything in a classroom and this could be a real learning experience for them in other ways. Don’t take it too seriously and you will make it through this adventure without losing your mind. 

If you want to do some research there are plenty of resources available on government websites. Again though choose what works best for your family. You are not a qualified teacher and kids are always better behaved at school than at home so know your limits. Check out the following resources: 

Queensland –

New South Wales –

Victoria –

South Australia –

Tasmania –

Western Australia –

Northern Territory –

Coronavirus hotline 1800 020 080

Coronavirus medical hotline 1800 022 222

Coronavirus –

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