Raising toddlers is such a fun and exciting time. They are at the age where they are talking more, on the move and are interested in EVERYTHING. It can be hard at times to keep their little minds occupied and active. It is also a very important development age where they are able to learn new skills and to develop skills they already have and make new experiences. Keeping them occupied and amused can be difficult at times, especially if you need to keep the activities inside. Luckily, we have put together a list of our favourite indoor activities for toddlers and young children.


Arts & Crafts 

Many of us as adults cringe at the thought of kids playing with different arts and crafts supplies. Like really, it can be a very messy experience. However it is an activity that is not only fun and exciting for the kids but it is also one that can help with a range of different skills. 

Set up an arts and crafts station with different coloured papers, glue, paddlepop sticks and if you are brave enough glitter and let their imaginations and creativity flow. Arts and Crafts is an obvious one but also has the potential to expand into many different opportunities when it comes to indoor activities for toddlers. Really use your imagination when it comes to the materials and textures you can use. The sky’s the limit.

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Play Shops 

Another fun indoor activity for little ones is to set up a shop within the home and play shops with them. 

Use real tins and packets of food from the cupboard and set it up like a real little shop for them. Grab a pack of fake money and they are ready to go shopping. You can also use this as a counting exercise to help them with learning their numbers.

Cubby Houses 

There is something about draping sheets over chairs that gets all kids excited. Why not make a cubby house indoors with them and set them up with blankets and pillows inside. They will have hours of fun climbing in and out of their cubby house and using their imagination to create scenarios. This is also a great opportunity to introduce books by suggesting you read a story to them in side the cubby house. 

Create A Lunch Bar

If you have fussy eaters this is an activity that can not only be a lot of fun but also help them with their eating. Create a lunch bar (think subway) with all different ingredients laid out in bowls on the bench or table. Then let them create their own lunch full of the ingredients that they like and want to eat. 

This helps with their independence and gives them a chance to create a meal that they want to eat.

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Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt throughout the house with a range of different items that they have to look for and find. Have a sheet of paper with a picture of each item on it to make it easier for them. Create a prize that they get at the end of the treasure hunt if they find all of the items on their list. They will feel like real life pirates searching for treasure.

Making Play Dough 

Every kid loves playing with play dough. Why not take it that step further and let them help you make the play dough for them to play with. Let them choose the colour that they want in there and get them to mix it all together. You could even try to get them to help with the clean up after making the play dough however I don’t think they will want to help with that part as much.

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So Why Indoor Activities For Toddlers?  

Toddlers and young kids need to be constantly kept active. Their little minds are at a very important learning stage and this should be nurtured through play and learning new experiences. This is a perfect age to introduce new activities and experiences with the kids and to spend time creating memories with them. 

Take the time to enjoy the activities with them, get involved and make memories. They will love being able to do it all with you. We hope you have taken some helpful tips from this list of indoor activities for toddlers and they get you out of trouble the next time you are stuck inside because of rain etc.  

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