The anticipation of a new baby is such an exciting time. As the time draws closer and the reality and enormity of the situation looms, there is no doubt a lot of things need to be prepared for the arrival of the baby. One of the final things that parents take care of is packing the hospital bag and getting the essential items for the baby. Here at Motherhood Unplugged we have taken the guesswork out of your preparations and have created a very comprehensive list of hospital bag and new baby essentials needed for this special time.

What Items are Needed for a Hospital Bag and New Baby

Hospital Bag

There is always a good chance that you will over pack your hospital bag and particularly if it is your first baby. This is understandable as you want to feel prepared and don’t want to leave anything out. It is a good idea to check what policies the hospital has in place and what you are allowed to bring. Also, check what the hospital provides as this will save you from bringing anything unnecessary in. Keep in mind that hospitals are short of space and where you put your bag is usually a small cabinet or cupboard.

New Baby

The list of items we have put together for a baby is a comprehensive checklist that will have you ready for your baby’s arrival and feeling very prepared for this exciting time. Speaking from a mother’s perspective, leave a bit of time for yourself to do some research into the brands you are interested in for items like your pram and car seat and see if they tick all the boxes for you in terms of features. There are so many out there that it can become overwhelming. So give yourself time so that you don’t feel like you are rushing the decisions.

Again, just like you checked with the hospital for your items, check what the hospital will be providing for your baby. Things like nappies and formula if you are bottle feeding usually is provided but best to check to avoid overpacking.

Now, time to take some deep breaths and to enjoy the last few moments of being pregnant. As uncomfortable as you are now, you will look back with really fond memories at this really special time between you and your child. Download your checklist below.

Hospital Bag and New Baby Checklist

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