Dear Husband,

There are days that you probably wonder what I do all day, let’s not pretend that it has not crossed your mind once. I know you appreciate what I do and I love that you are out there working hard at work while I work hard at home so the house is still standing. I wonder though if you notice the little things I do in the house? I genuinely love listening to you talk about your day, I wonder if you would feel the same if I told you about mine in every detail.

Today I changed the bed sheets. That lovely feeling when you hop into the bed and wonder what is different and so amazing? That’s the new sheets feeling. It’s a huge job with the fitted sheet and the doona cover. Pillows aren’t so bad, I have those down to an art.

I also wiped the fans down today. The thing that swishes air around and keeps us all cool, yes, I wiped that. The dust that those things collect is mind boggling and I wonder if at times I am the only one that sees all that dust. Am I? I am starting to think there is a strong chance this might be the case. I also cleaned out the filter in the aircon, because, let’s face it, I don’t want us all breathing dust.

Things got really exciting when I bleached the toilet. To see that white come through is just something else. I got so excited in fact that I also decided to wipe the walls down to give them a clean. Yes, I wiped the walls. By this point, I needed a breather so I stopped for some lunch while our toddler put crayon on the newly clean wall.

After a surge of energy after lunch, I tackled prepping dinner and prepping freezer meals so that I would not be stressing about dinner every single day of the week. While I was making meals, I noticed the pantry needed a clean out and sorting, so I pulled everything out and rearranged everything so that everyone could find their snacks and things easily.

These are some of the things I do every day to keep the wheels turning at home. They are the little things that I feel no one notices at all, so I wonder if I have a thing like Superman where I have a vision superpower to see all these small things that need doing to keep the house sorted, bellies fed and everyone well.

I would love it if you would help me at times with these little things. Just walk in the house or even on the weekend and just wipe the fans down or bleach the toilet. My heart would sing with so much joy and side bonus, you will probably get lucky if you went one step further and cleaned the vacuum filter.

Your loving wife.