Believe it or not Easter has come around again and it is such a great time to get creative with the kids. Whether it be decorating the house or getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt, Easter is such a fun time for everyone in the family. This year the kids are getting together and they are going to make a small Easter bunny tails goody bag for their friends. It is super easy and the kids can help every step of the way. The job is made even easier with our free Easter bunny tails printable for your goody bags.

What You Will Need For Your Easter Bunny Tails Bags

  •     Your free Motherhood Unplugged Easter Bunny Bag Topper printable (click below to download for it for free)
  •     Scissors
  •     Small plastic lolly bags
  •     A filling of your choice. We have chosen marshmallows
  •     Stapler

How To Make Your Easter Bunny Tails Goodie Bags  

Step 1

Cut out the Easter bunny tails bag toppers, there are 6 toppers to a page. If your kids are too little to cut them out then you will need to do this part for them.

Step 2

Fold the Easter bunny tails bag toppers in half. Let the kids have a go at folding as this will help them with their fine motor skills. Of course, step in if they need a little help or if you are a little like me and your OCD gets the better of you. I always realise how much of a control freak I am when I try and do crafts with the kids. 

Step 3 (Optional)

Depending on what you have to fill the bag, you might want to cut the bags down to size. I got my bags from a dollar store but basically any small confectionary bag will do. Mine were too long so I just easily cut them down to size. depending in the size of the item your placing in the bag a gusset might also be needed. The bags I used had a gusset to allow room for the marshmallows without being squashed. 

Step 4

Have the kids count out the goodies for your bunny tails bags in the amount you want. This is a great way to disguise learning with some fun. We made it a game of counting in threes and also by creating a pattern. Any way you can incorporate learning in a fun way is a win win in my book. 


Step 5

Staple the Easter bunny tails bag toppers onto the plastic bag. This is also a good exercise for little hands to work on their fine motor skills under the supervision of an adult. If they are too young then this is another task to do yourself. 

This activity ticks so many boxes. You get to spend time with the kids being creative. They are counting, folding and cutting. All the skills they need to develop. At the end of it all, they also get a great little gift to give to all their friends.


Grab your free Easter bunny tails bag topper below so you can make these goody bags for friends and family.

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