Do You Pee When You Laugh Or Sneeze? You need the Mummy Tummy Challenge!


You CAN fix your Pelvic floor – Join the Mummy Tummy Challenge.

I was at school the other day, dropping off my daughter, running after the other kids (honestly, is there anything more stressful than school drop off?), when I started to feel it coming. You know the feeling, it slowly starts to build, then before you know it – BOOM – you’re sneezing! Now ordinarily this is not a problem for me, I have come through 4 (FOUR) vaginal births with my pelvic floor pretty much unscathed.

Or so I thought.

That’s why on this-not-so-long-ago morning I was not too alarmed when I started to feel a sneeze coming on. In fact I barely gave it a thought, apart to register that it was coming. So I sneezed, into my elbow obviously, because – germs.

And then I felt it.

The gush. I had leaked a little bit of wee – and I suddenly realized that my pelvic floor might need a bit of work.


What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction increases based on your age and how many times you have given birth (maybe that’s why I am starting to have issues now), but it can also be affected by conditions such as age, obesity and constipation.

“Whilst many women experience light bladder leakage after babies and it is common it is never normal and you deserve to live a life leak free”

Tara – Founder of the Mummy Tummy Challenge

It can feel like a heaviness in your vagina and be typified by urine leakage. Having a vaginal birth with an instrumental delivery can increase your chances of having pelvic dysfunction. However having a C-Section delivery doesn’t rule you out, as the pressures of pregnancy itself can also take a toll on your Pelvic floor.

If you think you might have a problem, you can go to a woman’s health physio to get checked out, just be aware that they will do a very, *ahem*, thorough check of your pelvic floor.

The good news is – you CAN do something about it. The pelvic floor is a muscle that, with dedication and commitment, you can nurse back to good health. #SelfCareAintSelfish

And this is a problem that a lot of Mums just don’t talk about, or if we do it’s in passing, as a joke. When was the last time you were chatting with your girlfriends and one of them dropped their pelvic floor dysfunction into the conversation?

But you don’t have to suffer any more!

Introducing The Mummy Tummy  30 Day Challenge


The Mummy Tummy Challenge is a program developed by experts in postnatal fitness. It’s a 30-day program that will guide you and keep you accountable to take back your pelvic health.

Tara developed the program after working with hundreds of women as a pre/postnatal fitness coach. This program has been taught in her gym for the past 4 years.

“I wanted all women to not be held back by their postpartum bodies and nothing makes me happier than women telling me they have  been able to jump on the trampoline with their kids or sneezed without leakage”

Tara – Founder of the Mummy Tummy Project

The Mummy Tummy Challenge is packed full of inclusions – making it great value for money AND you can do it in under 15 mins a few times a week!

The program includes:

  • 30 days of videos guiding you step by step
  • The exercise and mindset plan to heal your core & pelvic floor
  • Weekly live group coaching call
  • Exercise video demo’s and a full exercise glossary
  • Private Facebook Group and accountability buddy
  • Your success toolbox

Plus Special Bonus EBooks:

  • 7 Laws Of Weight Loss
  • Busy Mama Nutrition Basics
  • Busy Mama Cheat Sheet

The value-packed into this program is unbelievable! The Mummy Tummy Challenge has a total value of over $2,691 but Tara wants to help as many mums as possible and make it affordable – so she is running this challenge for only $97!!!

If you want to close the abdominal gap and stop the leaking without spending hours exercising, then this is the mission we’re giving you ! The challenge will help you develop the right exercises to strengthen your core all while having fun and being held accountable!

If you want to run, jump, cough, sneeze and laugh with confidence again – you can book into the program BOOK HERE


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