Let’s be honest most days it is an uphill battle to get the kids to eat their fruit and vegetables. Most mealtimes involve tears and tantrums and some kids even get sent to bed early with no dinner at all. What if we changed our perspective and instead of making vegetables and fruit a chore, make it light and fun and even get the kids involved as well. They love getting hands-on, so if they are involved in the preparation they will be excited to eat their creation. Here are our 5 ways of making fruits & vegetables fun.

Pancake Faces – Make Fruits & Vegetables Fun! 

Breakfast can be so much fun with these pancake faces. All you need to do is make the pancakes, cut some fruit up, and let the kids make the faces themselves. This could be a Sunday morning treat so as to not wear off the novelty. By letting the kids create their own funny faces, they will be more inclined to eat their fruit as well as the pancakes because the whole experience has been associated with something light and fun.

Pizza Faces

The idea of pizza faces is exactly the same as pancake faces but for lunch or dinner time. This is something that if you wanted to could be a whole cooking activity from start to finish. You could make the pizza dough from scratch. Watch it rise and let them roll it out. Then put the sauce and cheese on top and here are the winning ingredients, make the face all with cut-up vegetables. They will be having too much fun to notice they are even using vegetables and eating them when it’s all cooked. This will be a total winner with the kids!

Mac and Cheese…with Vegetables

Who doesn’t love a good, creamy and cheesy mac and cheese? All you need to do is cut up small pieces of vegetables and put it into the mac and cheese and you will be surprised as to how much they will eat. Be sure not to make the chunks to big or else there might be some protest. Turn a kid’s favourite into something even more amazing with the addition of vegetables. Find a recipe here.


If they don’t see it, they won’t know it’s there. You can blitz all the vegetables and fruit you want into their smoothie and as long as it tastes nice, they will be none the wiser. For those kids turned off by drinking a green drink, just call it hulk juice and see how they react. Remember it’s about making it fun and taking the stress and anxiety associated with eating their vegetables and fruit.

Fruit Kebabs – Make Fruits & Vegetables Fun! 

This is something the kids can prep themselves for a snack or after-dinner treat. You might think, how is fruit going to be a treat when they usually resist it? Because you are associating it with a fun activity with a lot of positive reinforcement. Prep the activity by cutting up pieces of fruit and get the skewers ready for them to create their own fruit kebab. The fact that they are having fun, calm, and there is no yelling and screaming for them to eat, means there is more chance they will eat their creation.

Do you have any more ways to encourage your kids to eat their fruits & vegetables? We would love to hear them! If you tried any of our suggestions we would love to know how you went and if your kids enjoyed them. 

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